Who needs to become a member?

Anyone that is engaging Allegheny Lucid for portrait photography sessions or interested private photo sessions. 


Your images, database and photoshoots are private. I photograph people, LOTS of people. Age ranges from infant to elderly including senior portraits and private photoshoots. Your images are not posted here and only you have access to what happens to them and how they are shared and viewed. This also allows me to connect with you in your private gallery to rate, discuss, showcase, comment, purchase, download and share from a central private location. Only you choose who can view and has access to your galleries. Your seniors portrait shoot is just that, Yours! Your engagement, wedding, maternity and lifestyle images are yours! Until you choose to make them shareable.

Who does not need to become a member?

Anyone interested in action sports, youth and high school athletics and public ceremonies such as graduations, sporting events and public social events. You can access these photos from my public accessible galleries. These are considered public not private. 



How to become  a member?

Simply goto the login tab at the top of the page and make a account