Personal Photo Shoot

Many times people ask me trackside to photo their family member. Most of the time it doesn't work out. Mainly due to if I am in a position for someone to talk to at the start gate I am in a really bad one to catch the best shots. Turns out these tracks are huge and some are hilly, it takes a long time to get from point A to B and I end up missing that person on the track. Most of the time I only have between 3-5 opportunities to get a shot of a extremely fast moving target across a large area.

Reach out to me here. Let me know your name, description of your bike, plate # and what classes you are running and I will do my best to make sure I get prepared ahead of time to get that action shot of you.

Thank you

Scott Elmquist



Want a personal wall hanger in your garage, office or living room? I have a camera and will travel! Motocross, High School sports, hunting, fishing, backpacking, equestrian, trail running, cycling or pie eating your thing? Reach out, call , email or text me. Set something up and we will get you that print. Where ever you play I will visit and capture it.

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