Athletics Sports Banners

Highschool sports teams and youth sports organizations. Seasonal team banners are available. Senior banners and special large format portrait print options. All of my images are large resolution and virtually no print size limitations to hang on field fences, gym walls and aquatics centers. Delivery for these can be as little as 3-5 days from shoot to final print. Sports boosters and coaches please contact me for your team sports banners. Perfect senior  gifts!

Morgan Kellogg-2 copy.jpg

EHS Senior, Morgan Kellogg. 36" x 48" senior banner. Background image was captured in game play and main image was shot against a white background In EHS auditorium. 

Ethan Finch.jpg

Sheffield Senior wrestler, Ethan Finch. Senior banner. Size 48" x 54" Background was designed in photoshop using images from Sheffield's wrestling room and images from around the High School's gym wall art. Ethan's portrait was taken on the auditorium stage on a white background and lit with my portable studio lights.

WAHS Swim 2021

Warren senior swimmer, Paige Johnson. This massive banner hung in the YMCA pool for her senior season. These banners were some of my favorite displays. The action shot was taken at the pool during a practice session. The portrait was shot in the WAHS library. White screen lit with portable studio lights.

Donovan Fiscus poster copy.jpg

Warren Senior Wrestler, Donovan Fiscus. Both shots were taken in their wrestling room. All background images were designed in photoshop with accents from shots taken from the WAHS wrestling room. Gym hang above bleachers.

Emily copy.jpg

Sheffield track multi talented seniors, Jesse Campbell and Emily Leichtenberger . Track coach staff contacted me on a Thursday and ask to have two senior banners by Tuesday. I shot Jesse and Emily at a practice session with all outdoor action shots. Designed the composite in Photoshop.  These banners were 48" x 54"

Sheffield track 2021
tyler hepinger copy.jpg

Sheffield senior, Tyler Hepinger and Eisenhower senior, Delaney Chase. 48" x 54" banner. Gym hang. 

senior banner copy.jpg

Team Photos

Examples of team photos

Legacy copy.jpg

Warren's Extreme Athletics Cheer. Team photos.

EA Crew copy.jpg
web girls.jpg

Warren Swim Team

Team with names web.jpg

EHS Softball